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With a global production of about 650 million tons p.a., wheat is one of the key food crops.

Weed growing in a corn field. Weed resistance is one of the major challenges of modern farming. Bayer CropScience pursues a holistic and integrated approach to address the spread of weed resistance.

Udo Feuser (left) and Ralf Scheer in the multi-purpose plant Dormagen. Modern plants like this are important to meet the growing demand for crop protection products.

Jermy Klassen (l.) und SiuWah Wu (r.) with canola plants at the Canola Breeding Center of Innovation, Saskatoon, Canada.

Bayer CropScience employee Tang Zong Liang provides a farmer with professional advice at a rice field in the province Guangxi in South China.

Examination of soybean and corn plants in a greenhouse.

Jayme Williams harvesting soybeans in a test series in a greenhouse. Soybeans have a high content of protein (approx. 40 %) and are optimally suited as a feed crop.

Keeping water clean: The innovative Phytobac system for spray residue management to avoid point source water pollution on Damianshof farm in Rommerskirchen, Germany.

Dr. Varghese Thomas inspecting the galls of nematodes on tomato plant roots grown in hydroponic.

Rice harvest in Vietnam. In the foreground Mrs. Doan Thi Hong and behind Mr. Phan Minh Phat. Rice yields are under climate pressure: A rise of 1°C in temperature reduces the rice yield per hectare by about 322kg.

José Uribe Estrada and his employee Raul Hernandez Zavala (left) surveying the broccoli harvest at the farm Sanabria, Valle de Santiago, Mexico. With the Food Chain Partnership project in Mexico, Bayer CropScience helps to boost a sustainable vegetable production.

Flowering strips on farms provide food for pollinators. Bayer CropScience will step up its efforts in cooperating with farmers to maintain and enhance biodiversity on farms.

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