Blood coagulation is a complex process - and a specialty of Bayer's scientists shown here in the Bayer HealthCare laboratory in Berkeley, USA, working to enhance treatment options for hemophilia patients.

Cardiovascular research: A Bayer scientist checks a slide before examining it under the microscope in his laboratory in Wuppertal, Germany.

Macular degeneration: A doctor at the Cologne university hospital conducting an eye examination.

Cancer research: A lab technician prepares to start a sequencer. The gene sequences on the monitor in the background provide crucial information about the tumor's growth history and possible therapeutic approaches.

In the laboratory of OncoMed Pharmaceuticals in Redwood City, California, scientists of both companies discuss a test apparatus.

The protection against parasitic pests is important. Pet owners should contact their veterinarian and protect their pets against parasites.

Susanne Lohmann examines cucumber roots, infected by nematodes. In the bile, the nematodes develop.

Pratylenchus penetrans is an endoparasite of plants with over 350 recorded hosts, including many agricultural crop plants.

Researching for new biological solutions: Cecilia Wilson, Plant Pathology Lab Scientist at Bayer CropScience, examines strawberry plants.


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