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Foreground: Construction of DNS-Replication at PC. Background: cell dividing (Mitose) Dr. Bernhard Knab simulating interaction of different enzymes in cell.

Modular Microreactionsystems help to reduce investment costs and allow a faster and safer design.

Thumbnail size: Microreaction Modules

Toxin diagnosis by means of biochip: using a glass biochip, scientists can determine within a few minutes for example how heavily a batch of cereal is contaminated with mycotoxins.

Map Ta Puth, Thailand: Bayer Technology Services engineered the new polycarbonate (Makrolon®) facilities of Bayer MaterialScience. Foreground: Bisphenol-A-silo.

Bayer Technology Services is engaged in process development and engineering, construction and optimization worldwide: Polycarbonate (Makrolon®) unit of Bayer MaterialScience in Baytown, Texas, USA.

Lab-Lasershow: Dr.Ingmar Dorn (l.) and Dr. Kerstin Bohmann examine laserbeam for measurement of fluorine.

Biochip manufacture: a pipetting robot applies precisely dosed drops of various mycotoxins to a chip in a fully automatic procedure. The mycotoxins are attached to the surface of the chip by another protein.

To determine the mycotoxin content, the mycotoxins are extracted from the cereal, mixed with fluorescence antibodies and applied to the biochip.



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