Bayer MaterialScience has equipped its Optical Disc Labs in Shanghai and Leverkusen with a complete, ultra-modern STREAMLINE II production line for writable DVD media (DVD-R). This enables the technicians to exactly simulate the production conditions that the disk material Makrolon® will need to withstand in practical use.

A film from the Makrofol® Softtouch or Bayfol® Softtouch product lines is coated with a soft-feel finish and then placed in a mold where it is shaped three-dimensionally. It is then reinforced on the back with a thermoplastic material. The final part has an attractive appearance and feels warm and velvety.

Bayer MaterialScience develops innovative plastics in Asia, too. In the Polymer Research and Development Center (PRDC) in Pudong/Shanghai, research scientists work in modern laboratory booths on the development of new coating raw materials.

In the PU Technical Service Center in Leverkusen, polyurethane polymers are given a thorough going over. The picture shows Benno Wroblewski at the 250 kN machine, measuring the flexural strength of sandwich insulating panels.

A polyurethane shoe sole undergoes a marathon series of tests: Clamped in the machine, a single sole is flexed 100,000 times to test material fatigue and cracking.

New coating systems for the automotive industry must comply with very stringent specifications. For example, they have to pass the hardness test in the laboratory car-wash. Here, coated panels are repeatedly sprayed with water and quartz sand until the raw materials and the formulations are perfectly geared to withstand the stresses they will face on the road.

The Polymers Research and Development Center, with its imposing facade of Makrolon panels, is a visible sign of Bayer MaterialScience's commitment to the Chinese market.

Shining result: Dr. Markus Mechtel (r.) and Thomas Klimmasch evalute a test coating



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